Susan Gregory


Innovation in action


Innovation is about putting creative ideas into action.  Within an organization, one of the biggest enablers of, or barriers to innovation is the culture.  The culture being, according to Deal and Kennedy,  the way things get done around here.    How can we foster an environment of innovation?  By changing the way we look at things […]

How much does it cost to share new ideas?


I was surprised and amused to read that some Saskatoon residents recently created a website to collect suggestions for a name for a new bridge (  The funny part about the article was that the group said it took them 10 minutes and $20 to launch the site, after a city report said it would […]

Is your innovative idea truly useful?

In his book “The Truth About Innovation”, author Max McKeown defines innovation as “new stuff made useful.”  However, an idea doesn’t necessarily need to be completely unheard of to be new.   Sometimes we are talking about ideas that are borrowed from other industries and create a big impact.   For example: convenience stores are open seven […]