I help teams and individuals to achieve their goals and enjoy the process.  I do this by providing workshops that help build skills in teamwork, productivity and creative thinking.

When people are working toward a goal that excites them and they have the tools and skills they need to get there, work becomes a better place to be.

You want your people to be the best at what they do.   In order to achieve your goals, you need your team to work effectively together, to be productive working individually and to think creatively when needed.

I provide workshops that make it easy and fast for teams and individuals to learn skills to perform at their peak.  You and your team will benefit from an interactive, empowering and fun experience in my workshops.   You’ll leave the workshop with tools you can use and ideas you can apply immediately to achieve your goals

To find out more, call me on 647-289-6965 or email susan@susangregory.ca.





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About Susan

I share business-focused productivity and creativity tools through fun, dynamic facilitation and training.